Corporate Finance & Restructuring
Frisby Associates provide clients with a range of corporate finance services that cover the deal cycle; from acquisition screening to transaction execution.  As a result of our successful track record in originating, structuring and funding deals, our Corporate Finance team has established itself as financial adviser to a range of Irish companies.  We have a dynamic team of professionals with significant transaction expertise and a proven ability to identify and unlock value for clients.  We provide objective, confidential advice coupled with a flexible, partner driven approach.

• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Disposals
• Transaction Services
• Business Valuations
• Corporate Recovery Services
• Business Advisory

We can use our  technical knowledge and commercial insight to provide independent advice on a wide spectrum of restructuring and recovery issues, such as:

• Financial restructuring
• Investigations and Independent Business Reviews
• Examinerships and receiverships
• Operational restructuring
• Crisis management
• Creditor advisory

Restructuring - Working Capital Management
We can determine the causes of a company’s underperformance and devise an effective implementation plan to:
• Make fundamental changes in strategic direction
• Alter business structure
• Remove or rebuild components
• Carry out a strategic business review

Go Beyond Working Capital
It is important to look beyond working capital initiatives and explore non-working capital areas, involving restructuring of the balance sheet and right-sizing the company’s operations. Such balance sheet restructuring measures might include sale and leaseback arrangements, asset sales programmes, and capital expenditure programme re-phasing or deferral.

Other opportunities might exist from a review of the tax accounts, including the timing of indirect tax payments or reclaims, or from a review of the business’s banking structures and facilities, including pooling structures and operation of overseas accounts.

The breadth of opportunities will depend on the business, but our experience shows that there will invariably be cash, and often significant amounts, trapped within the balance sheet
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Forensic Accounting Services
Forensic accounting involves the integration of accounting, auditing and investigative skills in order to carry out an enquiry where the results may be applied to a court of law.
With the growing complexity of the business environment and the number of business investigations there is an increasing demand for forensic accounting services.
The Forensic Accounting Team atFrisby Associates has successfully provided forensic accounting and expert witness services across a wide range of industry sectors.

We can provide you with a range of investigation and advisory services which include:

Dispute Advisory & Expert Witness Services
•Financial Investigation and Analysis
•Corporate Intelligence
•Fraud Investigations & Fraud Risk Management
•Regulatory Investigation Services
•Anti Money Laundry Services
•Competition Investigations

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