Management Accounts
Managment Accounts

Management Accounts
Access to regular management information is crucial to the successful operation of your business. You can react to information in a proactive manner if it is provided on a timely basis. The frequency of the information required can be determined by you i.e monthly, quarterly or half yearly which ever meets your business needs effectively.

Every Business reaches a point where the owner/managers time needs to be focused on development & growth. To enable this they need up-to-date & accurate information on cashflow, margins & profitability.

Frisby Associates will tailor a management accounts reporting pack which will provide key analysis and information on the financial and operational performance of the business.

As part of this process, we will:
• Nominate a senior member of staff at Partner level who will work with client businesses to provide experience and professionalism in the financial management of their business.
• The staff member will attend regular management meetings adhering to a structured agenda to facilitate management.
• Provide regular management accounts which will be presented to the client by the nominated senior partner.
• The nominated partner will gain an in-depth understanding of the client business and will bring this knowledge and their general business experience to support the development of the client's business.
• Focus will be on the driving the profitability of business.
• Align the business strategy to the overall business Objectives.
• Ensure the business is well resourced to implement the strategy.
• The monthly management pack will be prepared to a pre-determined monthly deadline..

This reporting pack will include:

• A summary Dashboard Report on all key aspects of the business.
• Monthly Profit Loss with Year to date.
• Balance Sheet.
• Cash Flow forecast.
• Identification of abnormal or non-recurring charges and income.
• Age analysis of Debtors with provision for bad debt.
• Age analysis of reconciled creditors highlighting creditor accounts due for payment.
• Summary of outstanding taxes due.

The availability of timely and accurate management information will provide you with:
• Information from which management decisions can be based.
• Ensure information is available to assist Strategic Planning.
• Regular feedback on the performance of the business.
• Ability to control overheads and costs.
• Ability to prepare meaningful cashflow forecasts.
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