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Ireland as a location for FDI is ‘Open for Business’ helping companies from across the globe to excel in their sector and reach their target markets efficiently and effectively. Almost 1,000 companies – including some of the world’s best known brands – have chosen Ireland as the hub of their European networks because of the winning combination Ireland offers them.

Ireland placed 11th globally out of 82 countries in the 2008-2012 Business Environment Ranking of the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Winning Combination
Ireland has re-invented itself over the last forty years through the combined force of determination and vibrant ambition.

A key aspect of Government support for industry and Research & Development is an attractive and continually enhanced tax system.

Youthful demographics and excellence in education ensure a strong supply of highly qualified, flexible and innovative workers.

Ireland’s success in attracting FDI has been aided by an exceptional level of collaboration between stakeholders.

Management Talent
Excellence in education, combined with the range of existing MNC operations, has created a deep pool of highly qualified managers to draw upon.

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