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Temporary Covid-19 Wage Subsidy Scheme

As you are all aware there have been significant changes in legislation around subsidising wages over the last number of days. Even as early as this morning there has been further clarification from revenue around employers eligibility for the scheme. This is emergency legislation and appears to still have flaws however the revenue and the Government appear to be doing their best. What we are setting out below is our understanding as things stand but we will be surprised if there are not further amendments in the coming days. Instead of including all the information in one document we are breaking it down into a number of documents which we hope will make this easier to follow:

  1. Employer Qualification Criteria – Download PDF
  2. If you qualify how will it work – Download PDF
  3. Instructions for payroll operators – Download PDF
  4. Revenue FAQ on Temp Subsidy Scheme. – Download PDF
  5. Revenue Guidelines on Employer Eligibility – Download PDF
  6. Employer Declaration which must be signed if proceeding – Download PDF

It is important to note that the above information only covers the transitional period to 20th April. After this date the revenue intend to have different structures in place to cover this. We appreciate that there is a lot of information included but it is essential that you read all documents that are relevant to you.

For more up to date information see the pdfs below:

  • FA Trading Online Voucher Scheme – Download PDF : Wednesday, 13 May
  • List of Business Supports – Download PDF : Friday, 24 April
  • Income Support Decision Tree – Download PDF : Friday, 27 March

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